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Why is Facebook Fan Page important for your blog/website?

Hello and welcome back to is complete blogging portal dedicated to for new bloggers and helping them to understand necessary steps to be taken after starting a fresh blog. We live in world of social media where Facebook, Twitter, etc play important role in our life. Same applies for our blog as well.

How to check Alexa rank and get alexa widget for your blog

Hello and welcome back to Its long time since I have written post on this blog, I really apologize for the same as I was busy with daily routine and couldn’t get time to write or publish any article. After a long time I came back on my blog to the status of my

Let the Blogger Speak – Interview with Avinash Mishra from

Hello friends and fans, welcome to interview section of In this section we interact with some pro and some passionate bloggers around the globe. Hope this section energizes your blogging spirit with in you. Today, we have one more passionate blogger with us in this section – Avinash Mishra, lets see what Avinash has to tell us.

How to use Google Dorks for Link Building

We all know the importance of links in SEO.  More links pointing to your site means better ranking in search results. But building links is not an easy task. People use things likes guest posting, using dofollow social bookmarking sites , commenting on other blogs etc to build links. Building links by commenting on others

How to check page rank?

Hello and welcome back to Today, 4th Feb was the most awaited day of many bloggers who were waiting for Google Page Rank Update. And today, few are very happy and few have been disheartened with rolled update. Lets see how to check Page Rank? Its very simple Step 1: Go to Step
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